Innovative Filtration Solutions

John Crane produces durable high-quality filtration products from steel, stainless steel and other metallic materials. Applications for gas- and liquid filtration can be found in nearly every branch of energy production and process industry. Our ‘Seebach’ filters are not just a portfolio of standard components: we design and produce filters to meet your specific process requirements.

Insight into our company

Filter systems

Seebach filter systems are complete solutions consisting of a filter housing, the associated filter elements and optional control technology and piping. Essentially, filter systems ensure that our customers' products achieve the desired purity.

Filter elements

A filter element is the active component of a filter system. Seebach filter elements are produced in a variety of geometries, including conical (filter cone), cylindrical (filter candle/filter cartridge), or star-shaped (star elements).

After-Sales Service

Seebach's customer relationship does not end with the delivery of its products. We are also available to our customers during the long lifetime of our filtration solutions.