Due to many years’ experience and our wide range of proven filter components and filter systems, we act not only act as a filter producer but as a reliable system provider for processing all liquids underground.  We supply compatible filters, filter systems, and emulsion mixing systems.

High pressure filtration

Underground all mining machinery and safety shields are operated hydraulically. A hydraulic circuit can extend up to several kilometres and is operated with up to 350 bars in the feed line. The hydraulic fluid must be free of particles in every part of the circuit. Pollution of hydraulic fluids leads to lengthy and extremely costly failures. Filtration at high pressure pumpsOur automatic high-pressure filter units and the automatic double back-flush filters are systems that serve for the filtration of freshly prepared hydraulic emulsions directly behind the high-pressure pump. These filter systems are designed for working pressures of 350 bar and higher. HFA/HFC filtrationAs with o
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Water filtration

Water is used underground for preparing hydraulic fluids from concentrates, for cooling, and for dust suppression during face support and coal mining. Again, Seebach filter systems are used, each of which is adapted to the respective application and volume flow. Sprinkling water filtrationA shearer loader must not be operated without continuous water sprinkling, otherwise the system will overheat and unacceptable dust generation will occur. At this point particle filtration is indispensable in order to ensure the continuous functionality of the sprinkling system and to prevent blockage of the nozzles. Filters for sprinkling water are manually or automatically backflushable systems in a
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Return filtration

In order to ensure the failure-free operation of hydraulic systems underground, it is essential that the medium is not simply filtered at one point, but is continually cleaned throughout the entire circuit. Thus, return filters, that clean the fluid coming from the mining machines, are essential parts of the circuit. Return filtration is often carried out in two stages that are individually adapted to the respective application. In the first stage, an economical and effective pre-filter retains the larger part of any impurities, while in the second, our Long-Life elements ensure the provision of a fluid that meets the specified level of purity. HFA/HFC filtrationAs with other heavy duty
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Last-chance filtration

As the name indicates, Last-Chance filters offer the last opportunity for filtration directly prior to the inflow into the component to be protected They are installed into the pressure pipe directly in front of the control valves.   Filtration at the safety shields In underground mining, all excavated hollow spaces must be supported against the soil or rock layers above them to prevent collapses and danger to people and machinery. In modern mines, hydraulically-operated, self-propelled roof support shields are used, which follow the mining machine and are directly adjusted to the respective height of the seam. Depending on the length of the shield alignment the supports can be contr
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