Phase separation / coalescer

Statisch Faser Tropfen 1-2Our filters with stainless steel or titanium fibre fleeces are ideally suited for the separation of liquids from gas flows, because they cause droplets dispersed in the gas flow to coalesce within the filter medium so that the collected liquid can drain into a storage reservoir.  They can be used for both droplet-shaped impurities in gas and air flows and for the recovery of droplets of a valuable product, which have been carried with the gas flow behind a condenser.  One important example of this is in ammonia production, during which the condensed product is separated from nitrogen and hydrogen that has not reacted. The gases are returned to the reactor.

Similar applications can be found in a range of commercial processes in the chemical industry, often in connection with distillation or stripping operations. In addition to the separation of droplets from gases, immiscible liquids can be separated from each other in the same manner.