About us

Seebach GmbH is a medium-sized company of about 100 employees. Our experienced engineers and service technicians develop customized solutions for use in the automobile and chemical industries, mining, the pharmaceutical industry, the food and drinks industry, and for particle filtration in hot or chemically aggressive gases and fluids.
Our highly skilled team of workers produce tailor-made solutions to the highest quality level. Research, design, manufacturing and certified quality assessment are all undertaken at one location. This enables short distances and development times as well as the opportunity for continuous optimization.
In some industries, such as mining, the name Seebach stands for multi-year experience as a system supplier. We equip mines with complete solutions for entire hydraulic circuits High value materials and high fabrication quality are the absolute requirements for filter systems that have to fulfil heavy duty tasks under high pressure, heat and dust.
Other applications that demand a maximum level of hygiene degrees are met through the production of the best possible surface finishes and designs without dead zones. As a result, even in sectors where we compete with manufacturers of filters made from plastics, our stainless steel products still come out on top due to their high-quality workmanship, easy cleaning, and durability.  As we do not supply single use products we also make a significant contribution to sustainable, low waste, production processes.


Our aim is to provide our customers with durable and high-quality filtration solutions that will produce the best possible filtration results. This is why we make every effort to understand our customers’ filtration processes. Our many years of experience in a wide variety of industrial filtration applications helps us to contribute significantly to the development of filtration processes, which are more efficient, more economical, and deliver better product quality than conventional processes.
We are aided in this by a high degree of flexibility coupled with our high quality demands, which we pursue consistently through all production stages from design through manufacture to final inspection  As none of these development and production steps is subcontracted to third parties, we do not delegate responsibility for the end goal.
We introduced our quality management system as long ago as 1996 in order to record our quality standards. This system is continuously improved, adapted to new regulations, and certified in accordance with to the latest standards. The most recent certificate, awarded in January 2015, is a visible sign of a quality awareness at all levels of the company.

Flexibility / Vertical range of manufacture

From mini filters with a diameter of less than 10 mm up to 1.5 m long filter candles, smooth or pleated, presented as discs, cones, candles, or produced to your own specific design, and in all filter grades available on the market: in metallic materials:  we can produce them all. The wide variety of filter designs and filter sizes enable the processing chambers for feed inflow and the discharge of filtrate and concentrate, as well as the resulting flow velocities, to be optimally designed to meet the desired filter efficiency and filtrate quality.
We are able to achieve flexibility and optimum adaptation to customer requirements due to our highly skilled staff and modern processing machinery We manufacture tools and moulds for producing tailor-made filters ourselves. Filter media like stainless steel meshes, laminates, or metal fibre fleeces are supplied by well-known manufacturers from all over the world.

The layering of several filter media, whether smooth or pleated, graded in their fineness, and especially adapted to your process is done in house. We also produce all components like supporting tubes, filtrate collectors, connectors, frames, and much more, and assemble them to produce complete filters or complete systems. Our large portfolio of filter sizes and filter designs that have already been produced, coupled with our may years of experience in a large variety of applications, enables us to design and produce customized solutions in record time.


We are the supplier for high value added, metallic filter solutions.


  • We understand our craft and deliver value added for our customers.
  • We design, engineer, simulate and produce high performance metallic filters.
  • Our products serve the global market of today and for tomorrow.
  • Transparency and trust form the basis of our relationships.
  • We improve every day and take nothing for granted.


Pro-active partnership
Exceptional craftsmanship
Relentless evolution
Passionate professionalism