About us

In 2018, John Crane announced completion of the acquisition of Seebach GmbH, a German-based provider of highly engineered filtration solutions for use in polymer, oil and gas, mining and other high-end applications. Adding to the 2008 acquisition of Indufil BV, a Dutch-based specialist in filters for the petrochemical and process industries, this amplified the scope of John Crane’s filtration solutions.

This combined filtration organization develops and delivers innovative filtration solutions under the trademarked Indufil® and Seebach® names.  Customers operating high-performance process equipment can access a broad range of filtration systems and filter elements engineered to reduce contamination, improve operational predictability, and maximize equipment reliability, a foundational element of the John Crane brand.

We provide our customers with durable and high-quality solutions that will produce the best possible filtration results. Years of experience in a wide variety of industrial filtration applications support the development of more efficient and economical filtration processes, that deliver better product quality than conventional processes.

Our extensive manufacturing capability, filter media understanding, and application experience inform proven filtration solutions that improve feed inflow, filtrate-and-concentrate discharge and resulting flow velocities to be optimally designed for specified filter efficiency and quality.  Flexible design and optimum adaptation to customer requirements are possible due to highly skilled staff and modern manufacturing precision.

Founded more than 100 years ago, John Crane supplies world-beating engineered technologies and services to vital process industries. With more than 5,800 employees around the globe, we supply and service the products used by our customers in mission-critical operations—many of which involve extremely challenging conditions.

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