Filter elements

A filter element is the active component of a filter system. Seebach filter elements are produced in a variety of geometries, including conical (filter cone), cylindrical (filter candle/filter cartridge), or star-shaped (star elements). In principle, the required filter medium is applied to a base carrier and fluid flows through this entirety.
Filter systems are used in the most varied industrial sectors of solid-liquid separation.

Filter cones

Filter cones are cone-shaped filter elements which are mainly used in the fields of oil and gas, in the pharmaceutical and food industries (e.g. grinding cones and grater cones).

Filter candles / filter cartridges

Filter candles and filter cartridges are cylindrical filter elements, which are produced flat or pleated (for the enlargement of the filter surface). Suitable connection techniques include gluing, welding and crimping.

Filter baskets

Filter baskets are cylindrical filter elements which are flushed from the inside to the outside. This technique is used to hold back high amounts of dirt in the basket so that the remaining solids can be easily emptied.

Filter discs

Filter discs are flat, with sealed edges, single or multilayer packages of filter media. These are used essentially as "screens" in a line, e.g. in the melt filtration in so-called screen changers. Seebach filter discs are produced in "flat" or "pleated" versions.

Leaf discs

Leaf discs are flat filter elements where the filtrate flows through a filter medium at the top and bottom in a base carrier and exits through an inner hub into the outlet channel. Leaf discs are used in catalyst recovery and deployed mainly in the plastic melt technology. A leaf disc is welded and available in three hub designs: hard hub, semi-hard hub and soft hub.

CIP / star-shaped elements

CIP (clean in place) and star elements are used in the pharmaceutical industry. They are fully welded cylindrical filter elements which are made of a special filter material (fabric laminate). Folding (pleating) is not possible due to the properties of the material; therefore we choose a special bending technique that leads to a star-shaped geometry.

Filter bags

Filter bags are used as disposable items in the cleaning of fluids with a high proportion of dirt. We do not manufacture them ourselves, but offer them as merchandise for our filter systems as replacement parts.