Filter systems

Seebach filter systems are complete solutions consisting of a filter housing, the associated filter elements and optional control technology and piping. Essentially, filter systems ensure that our customers’ products achieve the desired purity. Filter systems are used in nearly all industrial sectors of solid-liquid separation.

Filter units

Filter stations are used in underground mining. These are filters installed on standard consoles that are built completely with pipes or hoses so they must only be introduced underground in the supply train.

In-line / candle filters

In-line filters are filter systems which are installed directly in the fluid line. Filter candles and filter cartridges are primarily used as filter elements. For maintenance, the filter housing can be separated from the carrier installed in the line to replace the filter element.

Backflush filters

Back-flushing filters are self-cleaning systems where a cleaning of the filter elements with the filtrate is generated by flow reversal. Depending on the type, a distinction is made between manual (hand-operated) and automatic back-flushing filters which are integrated into a higher level controller.

High-capacity filters

These are in-line filter which have been optimised through high surfaces and large inlet and outlet diameters for high flow rates (between 500-6000 l/min). We distinguish between single, multiple (parallel flow) and reversible (alternative flow) multiple filters. The use of bag filters is recommended with high pollution load. Classic applications are water filtration in mines, large industrial parks and before heat exchangers.

Melt filters

Melt filters are especially large area filters designed for the processing of plastic melts. They are used for high pressures and high temperatures to clean plastic melts of gels, degenerated material and debris. Seebach produces filter systems for every purpose from pilot-single candle filters between 0.25 m2 to 0.75 m² to multiple candle filters up to 2.5 m2 filter area.

Fully automatic filter systems

Fully automatic filter systems are self-cleaning (back-flushable) filters that have their own control technology and ensure a continuous operation of the filter. This can be backwashed with filtrate as well as foreign media or sticky dirt can be efficiently removed from the system using a squeegee technique.