Seebach takes over Brückner shares in joint venture in India

With effect from 10th February 2015, Seebach GmbH, in collaboration with its Indian Managing Director, has taken over the shares held by Brückner Holding GesmbH in the joint venture Brueckner Seebach Filter Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. The joint venture with a production site in Shirwal, Maharashtra was established in 2009 for the purpose of offering high-quality filter solutions to the operators of Brückner film stretching lines – as well as other polymer processors – in Asia, especially in India.

As Seebach is striving for growth in other areas of application in the future, including outside the polymer sector, whilst Brückner would like to concentrate on its core activities in the area of film stretching technology, both parties have agreed to end the joint venture.   

Siegfried Mischitz and Dr. Thomas Grimm-Bosbach, both managing directors of Seebach GmbH said:

“We are delighted that we are now able to work persistently on our own path of growth, including beyond the polymer sector. India will continue to be – even more than before – a strategic production and procurement location for Seebach, and we will continue to invest in sustainable development. Together with our Indian Managing Director, Mr Amlekar, we will extend our product portfolio and production capabilities and become more active in our other areas of application, for example in underground mining or in the area of oil and gas extraction.”

In the future, the company will bear the name Seebach Filter Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.